What is ATF

Growing Beyond Standard ETFs

Growing Beyond Standard ETFs

As you know, ETFs contain financial assets that comprise a specific investment package representing a disperse collection of assets. This enables the end user to purchase complete packages at a relatively low cost while enjoying the benefits of dispersion, hedging, and investment portfolio diversity.

However, the primary issues facing conventional ETFs are often

The world of brokers and automated trading is entering a paradigm shift with ATF, a revolutionary platform able to provide your brokerage with limitless possibilities.

  • A low return on investment (ROI)
  • An arduous pathway through banks
  • High commissions
  • The ability to properly analyze and understand capital markets that match ETF needs.That’s why we created a smarter, more efficient solution—Automatic Traded Funds.

Introducing Automatic Traded Fund (ATF)

This modern world of automated, computerized trading means that the majority companies are traded through algorithms and automatic trading platforms.

With ATF, we’ve solved a lot of the problems facing ETFs, because ATF is an automated Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) entity that operates automatically after meeting specified trading criteria.

In fact, this smart, unique and comprehensive trading system performs two primary functions:

  1. ATF/ETF as a Financial Product
  2. ATF as a Platform

ATF provides a smarter, more innovative solution that not only suits this world, but also potentially significantly higher returns than commonly seen in today’s markets.

We seek to construct a “race” between algorithms while allowing the broker to optimize the configurations and better benefit their clients and themselves based on a variety of algorithms, assets, risk levels and strategies.

Here are just a few ways ATF benefits today’s brokers:

  • Create more sustainable client base and daily investment opportunities.
  • Improve your growth in sales and conversion rates consistently.
  • Helps you position your brand at the forefront of the high-performance technology and innovation.

All this trading is available via a user-friendly platform that affords brokers the opportunity to acquire the final product in a simple, efficient manner.

More importantly, ATF enables clients to control trading, define desirable risk levels, and stop trading at any given moment either from the convenience of their smartphone or a traditional, broker-based trading platform.